“My work with Beth has been amazing. I knew I needed a way to bypass my own mind and go deeper and Beth has been the perfect guide.  I have total trust in her to take my mind and heart on a journey toward healing the pain and trauma of my past.  In the past year, I have felt huge shifts. I know our work together is really helping me.”  P. A.


“It was my 52nd birthday and among other plans that day was a hypnosis session with Beth. A year and a half later and I’ve not had a single drag off a cigarette. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but believe me it’s huge. I smoked, loved to smoke, and was a really good smoker for 30 years. Was I ready to quit? Not really. Could I quit? I doubted it. Did I want to quit? Maybe. Beth took me through hypnosis and guided me to some self-realizations that were nowhere in my conscious being. After only the one session, I was ready to quit. I could quit. The wanting to quit was no longer relevant. Thanks to Beth for the unimaginable birthday gift.” – D. S.


“Beth is incredible! She has a presence about her that is instantly calming, safe and supportive. She is engaging and compassionate. Beth’s voice is like a warm blanket. It soothes, comforts and helps you easily relax into the (hypnosis) experience. I’ve been interested in trying hypnosis for years, but have always been unsettled and intimidated about finding a practitioner whom I could trust. Beth was great about explaining the process and what to expect beforehand. In addition, she would identify noises and things in the room during hypnosis so that I continued to feel safe and protected in that vulnerable state. I don’t think I could trust anyone more to share this experience with than Beth.”  – B. J.