“Thank you so much for teaching the printmaking class.  That was fabulous. You are a really good teacher and the class was well structured and well paced.  I’m so excited, and so is my mom, to continue to do printmaking at home.”  -Diane M.

“Elizabeth Anderson sees beauty in everything. I like viewing the world through her lens…” – Jenie A.

“What a fabulous, cozy space to learn, create, and grow your inner artist! I hope to come here one day soon and let go of that age-old saying, “Me? No, I’m not creative!” I’m confident this space and Beth’s energy will allow me to do that!” – Nikki F.

“Beth is such a warm and compassionate person, and her space completely reflects that.” – Sara B.

“A delightfully warm and inviting studio full of bright and colorful art. Beth’s art is full of joy and her welcoming presence is present in all aspects of this wonderful space.” – Jessica R.

“Great space, very inviting both physically and emotionally. I really liked starting the day with hypnosis, it helped set the mood and tone for the workshop. It wasn’t about creating masterpieces, it was just about creating. There were great supplies for us to use and I really appreciate the amount of prep work Beth did! I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for a creative way to spend some time focusing on goals and vision for the next year with a little soul-feeding as well.”  – Alisa Lahti   Alisa Lahti Art

“The day felt like the beginning of a year-long conversation with myself. I absolutely recommend this class. We never-ever-never-ever take the time to focus so intently on our life and our hopes and our future. I want everyone to have that experience. I most enjoyed the preparation time…Thinking about my child self and doing the non-dominant hand drawing. I’ve decided to do that kind of drawing with my favorite moment journal entries. – Trish R.

“I am not a crafty or artsy person and the thought of coming together with other women in a workshop to do something creative was way outside of my comfort zone. But I was enticed by the end result of the workshop; a colorful tin that would hold mini vision cards, so I decided to sign up for the workshop and give it a try. It was a really great experience. Beth not only has a comfortable and cozy space, but has more art supplies than I even knew existed! She invited us to experiment, play and just have fun with it all. What I most appreciated was how helpful, patient and kind she was with everyone, and particularly me when I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed with where to start and what to do. The workshop was still intimidating to me, but it was a great place to be outside of my comfort zone. I am so very pleased with the artwork that I created – it was beautiful and perfect and made a most unique and extraordinary gift for my best friend. I am so glad I attended!” – Stacy Duhon, MS, PCC – Stacy Duhon Coaching

“The part of the workshop that resonated with me the most was really getting in touch with that inner child…the playful, uninhibited, curious little girl who didn’t ‘think too much’. We are born only knowing how to live in the moment and we lose sight of that as we grow older and/or develop more cognitively. I would absolutely recommend this class. Everyone is an artist/creative person and many people are insecure about or have lost sight of that. This workshop provides a very safe and authentic way to tap into the creativity in each of us.” – Jensa F.